Product video reviews sharing platform

TrustyShopper platform will connect product video review creators and review seekers by building a community that would help people make better-informed purchasing decisions and reduce the waste of returned goods

Problems we are SOLving

  • Time wasted on the online research: 1 in 3 shoppers spend at least 3 days conducting online research about the information-intensive product before buying (e.g. appliances)
  • Difficulty to make a decision: 75% of total shopping decision time spent on online research
  • Wrong decisions lead to negative environmental impact. 15M tons of CO2 waste in the U.S. alone. A huge amount of products can not be repackaged and resold once they are returned by shoppers

Building to go live

Currently, we are developing a minimum viable product (MVP): live MVP (video reviews upload and playback, personal and aggregated ratings, comments, community revenue sharing model) ready for the end-users will be launched in the summer of 2022.


TrustyShopper will put products and their aggregated ratings from review creators at the center of our solution. All related videos of the same product will be connected, therefore, it will be easy to see combined product ratings from different video review creators (community) along with a recommendation to buy or not to buy that product. In addition, review seekers will be able to compare and buy products using the one-click feature via an affiliate link.

Meet the team

We are the TrustyShopper team. Each co-founder has many years of experience in product and business development (eCommerce, telco, IT, finance, insurance, TV, OEM, etc.). We have launched various products, online portals, eCommerce solutions, apps, operating systems, and business solutions that have enabled our represented companies to earn substantial revenue and profit in local and EU markets.

Mindaugas Dambrauskas


15+ years of successful management experience in business, team, and IT solutions development. Telco, banking, insurance, eCommerce, consulting.

Aušra Milkauskienė


15+ years of successful financial and telco product management: managing the entire product life cycle from strategic planning to daily tactical activities, development, and implementation of product marketing strategy.

Daiva Dambrauskienė


15+ years of successful management experience in product development and international sales. Telco, insurance, sales, consulting.

Gytis Mikalauskas


15+ years of successful management experience in new business development, mobile equipment OEM projects, and international business expansion in 12 Europe countries.